Examples of references by satisfied customers

Find out why an increasing number of companies prefer myTEAM® over the competition.

Raul Stuchlík

MARLENKA international, CEO

„myTEAM provides MARLENKA with a new tool that supports the management of intra-company processes. I’m happy that we decided to use it. It’s a product that requires both the company as a whole and also its individuals to adopt a new approach. Each medium or large company should have a tool like this – one that will allow users, for example, to assign and process project, routine and systemic tasks in a unified environment.”
Patrik Elbl

Head of the IT/CIO Department

There’s a sea of administration that needs to be done in a transport company. We knew that we need a comprehensive and modern software solution for the management of documents, one which will allow employees to securely access internal data and documents including the possibility of completing the required electronic forms. And we wanted the implementation of the new DMS solution to streamline existing internal processes and make them more efficient.”

Petr Sazovský

Financial Director of BIKE FUN International

“Our decision to work with myTEAM was significantly influenced by our previous positive experiences with KVADOS, but of course we also considered the functionality they offered and the purchasing costs for the system. We want to gradually expand our modules and are also eyeing up a mobile app for myTEAM, which is unavoidable because many people are on the road or going to various meetings, and today it’s simply not sustainable to only rely on desktops and laptops.”

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