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Find out how myTEAM® will help you work efficiently from anywhere.

We introduced myTEAM® to the market in 2014 and have been refining it ever since. In the beginning, we were motivated by the need to streamline our own intra-company processes and get a handle on circulating documents. But then we got more and more expansive projects for large companies, with a range of requirements on custom-tailored adjustments and connections to other information systems.

Indeed, regardless of whether you’re a small or large enterprise, you will need to digitalize key processes – and will probably want to do so expediently while ensuring economic returns. That is why we used the foundations of the robust ENTERPRISE solution to create a standardized product called myTEAM® CLOUD. And you can start using it immediately – without too many formalities or project management.

myTEAM® Philosophy – Download

myTEAM® can really do a lot of stuff:


Excellent handling of common company agendas - document management, projects, tasks...


Quick implementation - you can start using the cloud version in just a few days, without excessive formalities.


You can also take care of operating costs via a monthly fee.


No need for complicated contracts or long-term commitments.


You can flexibly expand modules and users on a need-to-need basis.

myTEAM® – a tool for company digitalization  

Choose what you need to focus on first

Document management

Shared folders are a thing of the past. Make use of a modern tool for managing the life cycle of documents. Keep your contracts, directives and other types of documents under wraps!

Modules: DMS Document mining Contracts
Issued orders Received invoices Directives

Document mining

We use DOCU-X OCR to automatically mine (read) the required data from scanned and electronic documents. This means that we don’t need to manually transcribe data from the documents.


We support collaboration between teams. Documents of all sizes can be shared without the need to send emails. The ability to reserve documents means that these can be locked so that no changes can be made, or on the other hand the tool allows multiple colleagues to work together in a single document.  

Document storage

All documents are reliably stored in a single place. Authorized persons can access them from anywhere. The use of a version control system means that you’ll never need to worry about finding the latest version of a document or spend time searching for old versions.Each document is automatically accompanied with a set of accompanying attributes (metadata) that can be used to easily sort and search.

Sorting and searching

Every document can be easily traced and found using a whole range of parameters. The system gradually learns and uses your search history to quickly provide you with what you’re looking for. We use state-of-the-art Elastic Search® technology. And you can also comfortably save your favourite searcher or sorting rules.

Tracking of validity

Our system automatically tracks key parameters associated with documents – for instance, the imminent expiration of their validity, archiving or shredding date.  Thanks to its connection to the system of tasks, this information will always reach the responsible person in the form of an automatically generated task.

Accesses and authorizations

A strong point of our DMS solution is the detailed system for access authorizations that are applied to various types of documents based on the company’s organizational structure and needs. Authorizations can be temporarily relaxed and tasks can be used to also provide other users access to documents. Once the specified deadline expires, the system will automatically revert the authorizations to their set defaults.

Automatic processes

The myTEAM® DMS is an excellent tool that can automate routine processes using a “workflow”. The system can then reliably keep track of deadlines without needing human intervention, calls attention to archiving tasks, document renewal, etc.
Tools that facilitate the definition of the required processes (workflow) over documents are available, and these can also generate the associated tasks.  

Process of creation

As an optional upgrade to the basic document management system, it is possible to add approval process functionality. Set up the document review or approval process based on the organizational structure of your company (the signing rules).  The tasks module will make sure that all responsible persons will be notified about what they need to do, automatically and on time.Přes modul úkolů dostanou všechny zodpovědné osoby výzvu automaticky a včas.

Remote work

myTEAM® is the ideal tool to manage a team as a whole, even if working from various locations. Each of the team members will be able to quickly navigate their tasks as well as the tasks assigned or delegated to other colleagues thanks to the well-designed dashboard. All company documents, including all document versions, are accessible and searchable from anywhere.


Manage projects effectively and digitally while making use of our extensive know-how. No more inefficient meetings, missed deadlines, lack of information and uncontrolled risks. We support remote work and the simultaneous management of several teams at different locations!


Modules: Projects Meetings

Share information, tasks and deadlines

Using the concept of tasks, which interconnects all of the myTEAM® modules, allow all project participants to keep track of who should work on what and of the individual deadlines. Both the project manager and the sponsor can see all the tasks simultaneously in the project dashboard. Tasks can be associated with links to documents in the DMS.

All you need for the project’s success

You’ll find all the tools designed to ensure that the project is successfully launched and managed in a single place: configuration of the project team, authorizations granted to individual members, list of project activities (PBS), set-up and tracking of the budget, risk management and prevention records. Project documents are stored in the DMS. All information regarding the project and the list of tasks and deadlines is available in the easy-to-navigate dashboard.

Removal of the routine

The system will automatically make sure that deadlines are met and call attention to approaching deadlines for tasks. It can also report the progress for individual tasks or missed task deadlines to the responsible team. No longer will you have to spend time with complicated searches of emails or meeting minutes to find out whether a task was correctly assigned and completed. The system will transparently keep track of everything on your behalf. . 

Risk management and tracking of funding

For larger projects, it’s very important to keep track of possible risks and to perform steps to either remove or reduce the impact of such risks. myTEAM® allows you to efficiently manage risks and minimize their impacts. myTEAM® will allow you to evaluate the completion of tasks within the project, the costs, deadlines, as well as other obligations. We continuously monitor the financial and business plan of the project and thus keep the successful implementation of the project under control. The whole process is crystal clear and transparent.

Efficient meetings

Meetings are an integral component of each project. myTEAM® includes a module for meeting management (not only for project meetings). The meeting wizard will help you prepare the agenda and reserve the required resources. Minutes from the meetings can be made online, directly during the meeting and generated automatically for all participants. Tasks arising from the meeting will be displayed in the central task dashboard.

Project templates

Our tool is designed to help anyone successfully manage projects, not just experienced project managers. You can choose any of the prepared templates as a useful guide for the most common types of projects, based on time-tested project methodology.

Economic processes

With myTEAM®, you can easily automate all the routine processes in the company. Revise contracts, approve orders and invoices, make use of tasks and the digital filing office. Get a better overview of intra-company processes, but first and foremost more time that you can spend on specialized work and actual leadership.

Modules: Contracts Issued orders Received invoices Filing room

Templates and methodology

The most common types of commercial documents, such as contracts, issued orders and received invoices, have been prepared in the form of comprehensive templates with the methodology. This means that you don’t need to set up any additional data and immediately get a tool that can help you store and manage documents and keep track of their life cycle. Tasks can be used to make sure that no approver for the given process will be accidentally skipped.


During the service life of a contract, you can link it to orders, invoices, other contracts or simply send it via the filing office to a business partner or into the contract registry. Invoices allow you to take care of the financial performance arising from the contract, and everything is neatly visualized in graphs. This allows you to keep track of, for example, supplier contracts or service contracts.

Continuous supervision

myTEAM® keeps track of all business documents in the system and checks their validity and revision dates. In particular, aside from the standard validity check, the header can also be used to set up periodic revisions. So, if a contract will soon expire, for instance, the contract administrator is notified and can decide about whether it should be extended, revised or terminated.

HR and operations

The system manages processes via automatic tasks supplemented with notifications. Implement electronic leave requests or travel orders, and submit electronic internal requests. myTEAM® can also take care of real property management and your car fleet.

Modules: Directives Requests Service Desk Real property

Confirmation of familiarization

myTEAM® allows users to get familiar with individual directives based on their assigned roles. It generates a reading task, which is always assigned only to the relevant group of persons or individuals. This means that it saves time and reduces the risk of financial penalties during audits and inspections.

A quick start for new employees

We help speed up the process of familiarizing new employees (or employees who moved to a new position) with the company processes at their new position. A well-designed workflow will make sure that all the directives he/she is supposed to be familiar with will be generated and provided to the new colleagues automatically, immediately after the start.

One-click approval of leave requests

myTEAM® handles leave requests and their approval electronically and with maximum automation. You won’t need to spend time or money on work that the system can do for you. A connection to the task dashboard is a matter of course, and will ensure that you always keep track of the status of the requests.

Request management

The automated definition means that requests are properly prioritized and employees know exactly what they should be working on and when. the Service Desk module can support an arbitrary number of groups that will be resolving the requests, so the requests will always land on the right desk based on their category.

Regular inspections

For real property, it is possible to track an arbitrary number of planned revisions which create tasks for the administrator at regular intervals. The administrator could be either an employee at your company or an external company. In the latter case, you simply need to check that the revision was indeed successful. If required, such a revision can also be paired with ad hoc tasks for any case.

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